The City of Good Hope, Alabama Home
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Date of Establishment: 1842
Date of Incorporation: 1962

Growth of Good Hope
Year Population Percentage of Growth
2010 2,264 +15.20%
2000 1,966 +15.64%
1990 1,700 +17.89%
1980 1,442  


Good hope is located in North-Central Alabama in Cullman County. It is bisected into eastern and western halves by Interstate 65. The eastern half of the city contains the commercial and industrial sector, which is the area immediately adjacent to Alabama Highway 69. The remainder of the eastern half and all of the western half are primarily residential. With Exit 304 being in the center of the city, Good Hope is one of the fastest developing communities in Cullman County. Also, Exit 305 is under construction giving the Good Hope area and Cullman County another important interchange with I-65.


Cullman County is characterized by a humid, subtropical climate with long hot summers and short mild winters. The average January temperature is 43 degrees fahrenheit, while the average July temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather changes are frequent, but extremes are rare and usually of short duration. Temperature above 100 degrees or below 0 degrees fahrenheit occur very rarely.

The Annual precipitation averages about 54 inches of rainfall per year. Characteristically, autumn is the driest time of the year, with December through mid-April being the wettest months. Rains of quantities greater than three inches seldom occur. The heaviest rain usually occurs in the winter and spring when warm moist air is cooled by the continental air mass